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? [laughter] who are we kidding? they are going to pick one of the cardinals who who do you have? >> cardinal scola of milan an italian front runner and cardinal tagly of the philippines. at 55 he is one of youngest on the list. he looked a bit like a boy scout as he helped an elderly cardinal go in. >> jon:. >> jon: what could be more wholesome than that? any other candidate? >> cardinal from argentina saying the church needs needs ta better job reaching out to women. >> jon: want to reach out to women? maybe consider one of them for pope? oh, too much? how about for cardinal? no bishop? [laughter] priest? [laughter] good luck with that outreach. [ laughter ] with more on the new slight of hopefuls senior vatican correspondent aasif mandvi. thank you for joining us. you are at the vatican right now. it's an exciting time to be at the vatican. what is the mood like there in rome? are people excited? >> jon, the campaign is heating up. you can't swing one of those smoking things on a chain. >> jon: it's a sensor. >> i'm sure they have smoke detectors. >> jon: no, no. >> you can't swing one wit
with the south. and as the cardinals in rome set a date for the conclave, we look at one of the major challenges facing the church here in the u.s. welcome to "bbc world news" america," live in venezuela. chavez always had a great sense of political theater and his memorial service today was appropriately dramatic. tears from distraught venn zwailens and somber tributes from world leaders from. nearby cuba to distant aaron, they came to say goodbye. our correspondent ian with our coverage. >> i love you, chavez. i'll meet you in heaven. they knew this day was coming but that hasn't made it any easier. this week hugha chavez succumbed to the cancer he couldn't beat and today they cried his name and swore to keep his spirit alive. people have poured into the capital from across venezuela to pay their last respects to president hugo chavez. you can see the passion here in the crowd. rare is the politician that commands this kind of respect and adoration. >> he was the best president and we know that everything loved chavez. everything loved chavez forever! >> we're going to every day think about wh
. >>> cardinals are arriving at the vatican. as speculation grows about who will replace the pope. betting on the successor is large. we have the latest from vatican city. >> reporter: vatican city was quiet for a sunday. no pope's prayer after benedict's resignation on thursday. at a church a few miles from vatican city, mass went on as usual. cardinals from around the world gathered the archbishop from scotland who resigned this week, admitted wrongdoing 30 years ago. he said quote my sexual conduct has fallen below the standards expected of me as a priest. most of the voting cardinals are already here in rome. on monday they meet to talk about the challenges facing the church. once they all arrived they can set a start date for the election process known as the conclave. >> reporter: speculation is intense about who is chosen. the cardinal from guana. a conservative who speaks seven languages born to a carpenter and a fruit vendor. he says his election would be unprecedented. >> it will be interesting to have a black pope come. where everybody co
at the catholic church. pope benedict left his post last week and today we heard from the church's cardinals that they'll begin selecting his replacement on tuesday. i spoke to our correspondent in rome alan johnston. there must be a sense of great excitement there. what's the process? >> well, you can imagine huge all-consuming interest. an army of journalists from all around the world gathering in rome now. since the preliminaries are over, we've seen a period of a week of preliminary meetings the cardinals have had and produced this date. we know now it's on tuesday afternoon. this college of cardinals, 115 from all around the catholic world will retreat to the splendor of the sistine chapel and there on tuesday afternoon they'll begin the process of casting ballots for the man among them who they believe is best capable of taking on the challenges that confront the catholic church in the years ahead and you can imagine the interest here and all around the world will be huge when eventually one man emerges on the balcony behind me. >> and who are the frontrunners to emerge onto that balco
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of an old roman's wise tale you don't want to start anything on tuesday. in this case the cardinals decided they would roll the dice because they wanted to get this thing under way. and the purpose of the period we just lived through over the last week and a half was to get themselves organized. they don't want the spectacle of a long conclave with the divisions and chaos and internal fighting and all of that. obviously they think they have some preliminary consensus worked out. so they're ready to bring the curtain up on this great piece of theater we're going to be seeing playing out in rome over the next few days. >> explain that theater. what is likely to happen? >> well, what's going to happen is tuesday morning the cardinals will celebrate the mass or the election of the pope to sort of join in prayer for a successful conclave. that afternoon they will file into the 16th chapel. they'll sing a hymn to the holy spirit. they will assemble in the 16th chapel. they will swear their oath. they will take one ball et the first night. it would be extremely rare for a pope to be elected on the
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an all-time record high. nasdaq composite closing at 3244. >> cardinals at the vatican have set the date to begin elected the next pope. the conclave will be beginning tuesday morning starting with a morning mass followed by the first round of balancing in the afternoon. in 100 year nose conclave lasted longer than five days but this process is nout knot without controversy. david ono is in rome with that story. >> on a rainy evening a ray of progress. cardinals seen leaving after agreeg when to begin the conclave, it will be tuesday. and there are two american contenders and anything can happen. there is a great spokesperson for the chief. cardinal o'malley has gotten high marks for all diocese he worked in. and another american cardinal grabbing headlines is cardinal roger mahony from los angeles. he made a rare public appearance friday. >> ochl pregs of hatred coming out of that. >> embattled cardinal, church documents show he shielded abuser frtz law. he's apologized for failing to protect children. the theme for the sermon? ing forriveness. >> obstacle that often times traps people
. the last voting cardinal arrived in rome yesterday, and the cardinals were briefed on vatican finances. randall pinkston is in vatican city. randall, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ann marie. it's another day of talks for the cardinals underway as we speak with the arrival of the 115th cardinal. they are a day closer to deciding the date of the conclave, but we will not know for sure whether they have made a decision until the day's meeting is over. >> reporter: cardinals from around the world are meeting for a fifth day of discussions that could produce a decision on when the papal election will begin. a vietnamese cardinal was the last elector to arrive in rome. 115 voting cardinals are now in place. >> they are men of faith. they know the needs of the church. >> reporter: father anthony of new jersey is hoping for an american pope and says it's a real possibility. >> names have come out such as cardinal dolan. a flamboyant, great bishop many new york. the humble priest of boston. >> reporter: once the election process known as the conclave begins card
los angeles, mostly cloudy. >>> in the words of houston's cardinal daniel dinardo, no one wants to rush this. well, when cardinals gather in rome elect a new pope seem in no hurry, they'll cast their ballots. in a just released cbs/new york times poll, a majority of american cabinets want the cardinals to choose a younger more liberal pope with new ideas. danielle nottingham is in vatican city. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. any day we will learn when the cardinals will huddle up inside the sistine chapel and finally begin selecting a new pope. the cardinals are waiting this morning for the last of the cardinals to arrive in vatican city sometime later today. more than 100 cardinals from around the world are meeting early and leaving late, but they're in no rush to set a date to elect a new pope. >> they've got plenty of time to get it done before easter. after all, we haven't had a conclave go over five days since 1831. >> reporter: the sistine chapel is now closed to visitors so workers can turn the famous landmark into a home away
meeting of cardinals in rome to elect the next pope. nbc's keir simmons is at the vatican with the latest. keir, good evening to you. >> reporter: good evening, lester. the timing is extraordinary as the cardinals and the catholic church gather at the vatican behind me to choose a new pope, a former cardinal from britain issues a statement, effectively admitting sexual impropriety. former cardinal keith o'brien was set to be one of those helping to choose the next pope, but a week ago, he resigned as archbishop of scotland after several priests, and a former priest, accused him of inappropriate behavior. tonight, o'brien released a statement saying, in part, his sexual conduct has fallen below the standards expected, and "to those i have offended, i apologize and ask forgiveness." >> it will have, in my judgment, no effect on the conclave. it should, however, have an effect on the next pontificate, which needs to consider how these kinds of situations, and similar ones, can be avoided in the future. >> reporter: the timing is terrible. a pope yet to be chosen. at 12 noon each sunday, the
,000. >>> cardinals have decided when to begin the conclave and elect a new pope. randall pinkston is at the vatican with the latest. >> reporter: the 115 voting cardinals will gather on tuesday to begin their conclave to elect a new pope. the cardinals will meet again saturday and take sunday off to celebrate mass at churches across rome. over 5 days of meetings about 100 cardinals have spoken. some have addressed the gong days several times. interever religious dialogue and justice in the world were some of the topics discussed friday. the names of front-runners are emerging but could change. >> at least a lot of chatter about who is the favorite of the moment. but sometimes the favorite of friday is no longer the favorite on monday. >> reporter: when the conclave finally begins, the cardinals will gather here at st. peter's basilica for mass. then they head into sistine chapel, where the secret voting takes place in silent prayer. the cardinal who receives at least 77 votes will be the next pope. this building is where the cardinals will stay
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. >>> all that. >> there aren't two for that one. >> i did use jack nichols tonight. >> 115 cardinals charged with picking the next pope are under a self-imposed media blackout. >> being pope you get a butler and a car named after you, it's like being batman. >> the white house canceling its popular tours because of the forced budget cuts. >> when he heard joe biden said now i'll never see it. >>> welcome to "cbs this morning." while you're waking up in the west, the east coast is facing another late winter blast. the storm is pushing into the northeast after slamming the mid-atlantic with high winds and up to two feet of snow. >> new england is bracing for a one-two punch, sarah kanje of wbz is in bridgewater, massachusetts. >> reporter: it's been snowing for a few hours really picking up in the last few years. this storm will last 36 hours with up to ten inches of snow expected to drop in some areas of massachusetts but the challenge will be on the coast, folks who are living there have been bracing for the storm especially in communities that are still recov
-- >>> welcome to "around the world." we begin today in rome. cardinals pray for guidance as they look for a new pope. they're beginning to talk about their big decision, but haven't decided on a date for the conclave where they will decide who the new pope will be. >>> karachi shut down as the city mourns. a car bomb exploded and ripped through two armt blocks sunday. no one has claimed responsibility. >>> so, dennis rodman, the basketball diplomat, is back from his trip to north korea and is delivering a message from its leader to president obama. call me. the star says kim jong-un said i don't want to do war. the u.s. government is distancing themselves from the trip, which was arranged for a documentary. >>> so, rodman got so close with kim jong-un that he's delivering messages to the u.s. like this one. >> he want obama to do one thing. call him. >> he wants a call from president obama. >> that's right. he said, if you can, dennis, i don't want to do war. i don't want to do war. >> did you say why don't you pick up the phone and call president obama? >> it's a differe
of the catholic church. the cardinals will meet tomorrow to begin the planning for the conclave. even before their selection begins, a stunning apology from a well-known cardinal. david wright is at the vatican tonight where the people are watching every step and also watching an american tv program debuting there tonight. >> reporter: intrigue, scandal and papal politics -- on tv tonight. "the borgias" broadcast for the first time in italy. the real-life drama starts tomorrow. not nearly so bloody. monday, at 9:30 a.m., a general assembly of the college of cardinals convenes. first order of business, to prepare for the conclave. soon as the cardinals give the go-ahead, the stove will be installed to burn the ballot and communicate the results. black smoke means no pope. white smoke for a new pope. while those preparations are taking place, the cardinals will discuss the issues the new pope will face. >> the daily meetings, before they go under lock and key, are off limits. we'll be reading tea leaves. >> reporter: we won't be told who said what or even who spoke. the vatican doesn't want th
, cbs news, miami. >>> this morning at the vatican, cardinals resume their pre-conclave meetings. most of the cardinals who will vote are in rome, but no date will be set until they are all present. meanwhile, discussions are focusing as much on the state of the church as they are focusing on a new leader. danielle nottingham is in vatican city. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. the catholic church is under a lot of scrutiny right now. and the cardinals are really putting a lot of thought into understanding the controversy surrounding the church and also into getting to know each other. the college of cardinals arrived at the vatican this morning for the second day of congressional -- congressional meetings. >> good morning. >> reporter: eight of the cardinals expected to take part in the election of a new pope have not yet made it to rome, but they are expected today. when they get here, the group can set a date to begin the voting process known as the conclave. >> we'd like to be done before holy week starts and have a pope. we'd go back to o
organization are teaming up to bring a super bowl right here to the south bay. >>> plus a cardinal vowed to stay silent until that next pope is chosen. we'll explain. >>> and we continue to monitor new records on the stock market. we'll take a look at the dow and everything else coming up in business news. >>> happening right now bay area city leaders are making a serious push to host a super bowl. right now a live look at construction of the new 49ers stadium in santa clara. happening now, san jose mayor chuck reed, san francisco mayor lee and jamie matthews are at that stadium to pitch the organization's bid for the 2016 super bowl. the group is hosting an nfl committee in town to see the progress on the stadium, which is expected to be completed by 2014. we do have a crew tagging along on that tour. and we'll have more for you later on nbc bay area news at 5:00 and 6:00 tonight. >> pretty amazing to see how fast that thing's going up and how cool to have that super bowl here i a couple of years. >>> pretty amazing week on waumt. another all-time high this morning. >> but this as apple
prayer over st. peter's square. cardinals are still arriving in rome for the conclave and tomorrow, they will attend preconclave meetings to discuss the future of the church. one cardinal's past in the headlines today. keith o'brien of scotland, apologizing for improper sexual conduct. allegations he behaved inappropriately to four priest in the 1980s n a statement, cardinal o'brien said "there have been times that my sexual conduct has fall bean let standards expected of me as a priest, archbishop and cardinal to those i have offended, i apologize and ask forgiveness. to the catholic church and people of scott land, i also apologize." i talked to cnn's senior vatican analyst john allen about the scandal and the upcoming conclave and i started out by asking john if o'brien's admission would have an impact on the cardinals' vote. >> what it is likely to do is reinforce a conviction that was already very strong among 1915 cardinals who are going to be voting in this election. first of all that the next pope has to profile as a reformer on the child sexual abuse scandals that have roc
of meetings at the vatican ahead of the conclave. there is an absentee cardinal grabbing the headlines. the head of the catholic church in scotland and its sexual conduct that stressed that decades. -- admitted sexual misconduct that stretched back decades. >> the cardinals gathered to stop the process -- start the process to elect a new pope. if the allegations against the cardinal had not been made public, he would be here among them. the former leader of the church of england and wales told me the vast majority of priests are near their vow of celibacy. the church's teachings would not change. >> there were promises he made. that is -- this is something he is sorry for. it does not take away from the teachings of the church, and should not. was aal o'brien and critic of homosexuality. he called a gay marriage a protest perversion. he admitted that his own sexual conduct had fallen below what was expected of him. cooks we are saddened that the cardinal -- >> he has used this language against gay people. catholic -- mary's st. mary's cathedral, there is shock. this has profoundly shak
abernethy. it's good to have you with us. at the vatican, the college of cardinals is making preparations for the selection of the next pope now that benedict xvi has officially stepped down, the first pope to do so in over 600 years. on thursday, his final day, benedict met with the cardinals already gathered in rome and promised "unconditional reverence and obedience" to his successor. he then took a helicopter to the papal villa, castel gandolfo, where he will stay until moving to a vatican monastery for what he's said will be a life of prayer outside of public view. during his last papal audience on wednesday, benedict spoke of the joy of leading the church, as well as the many difficulties he faced a pope. >> i will continue to accompany the church with my prayers and i ask each of you to pray for me and for the new pope. with the papal seat empty, the cardinals will soon decide when to begin the conclave to elect their next leader. earlier this week, cardinal keith o'brien of scotland, who recently resigned because of age, announced he would not attend the conclave, after charges ag
. now the cardinals are descending on the vatican to elect the next holy father. we'll take you live to rome. >>> accused murderer jodi arias expected back on the stand monday as her attorneys take back questions. >>> it's sunday, march 3rd, good morning, everyone. i'm brianna keilar in for randi kaye this morning. >>> it's been a busy morning for crews at the international space station. about 30 minutes ago they grabbed the dragon cargo vehicle and the next step is to lock it down to the station around 9:40 eastern time. there was some glitches when dragon launched friday and that delayed its arrival by about a day but spacex says everything is working now. the unmanned capsule is carrying more than 1,200 supplies for the station crew and their experiments. >>> at the vatican, there will be no customary angelous prayer on this sunday and the windows of the papal apartment will remain firmly closed. the election to pick pope been dict xvi successor has yet to be begin. ben wedemen joining us from outside the vatican. ben, will all the cardinals to select the new pope at the vatican
to get all the cardinals first, and apparently that's very difficult. p.j., good to see you. >> all right. >> shepard: president obama is not bluffing when he says the u.s. could use military force to keep iran from getting a nuclear weapon. that's the word from the vice-president in this war talk next. plus, a 9-1-1 operator urged a nurse, please give cpr to the woman in front of you who is now dying. the nurse said no. and now the nurse's bosses are defending her. there is more to this story and there's a lesson for all of white house are either older or have older relatives as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news from "studio b." >> o refusing cpr. they're going to let her die. it's a human being. there is anybody there willing to help this lady and not let her die? hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. >> shepard: celebrations today the north of syria. protesters report
. it will be interesting for me to listen to cardinals from latin america and they tell us it will be important for thom listen to us and this will be a time to begin to not only get a good consensus, what are the what are the major issues, the mission of the church-- but we'll get to know one another and probably decide which man we're going to elect to be the next successor of st. peter. >> schieffer: the pope himself said his papacy has been marked by periods of dark as well as periods of light. he said at some point it was if the lord was asleep. what issuedo you think are going to be discussed and what do you as the archbishop of new york see as the major problems now your eminence, facing the church? >> sure, bob. the holy father was remarkably realistic in his assessment. we 99 the 2,000-year history of the church, there have always been those difficulties, those flaws, though sins, those sorrows to which we herd to so eloquently. what do we see now? even in the informal discussions among the cardinales, i hear cardinals speak about issues of religious persecution throughout the world that christ
and they know that they're infected. >> pelley: intriguing. doctor, thanks very much. most of the cardinals sent to rome to elect a new pope have now arrived. 107 of the 115-- eligible to cast their ballot held a pre- conclave meeting today about the future of the roman catholic church and as mark phillips tells us, they have plenty to talk about. >> reporter: class was called for 9:30 rome time for the college of cardinals and many caught the early bus. they are the princes of a church rocked by the child abuse and other scandals and they admit they've got a lot of home work to do before they can even set a date to begin voting on the next pope. the church is under intense scrutiny. there's no such thing as a quiet stroll to work here. the catholic world and particularly the victim of abuse want answers and many cardinals like chicago's francis george are here to argue the victims are right. >> they've been abused by a catholic priest, sometimes by a catholic bishop, and sometimes the abuse has been not addressed as it should have been by catholic bishops. that is a terrible wound on the body o
in vatican city. the cardinals meet about the future of the catholic church ahead of the conclave, coming up. >> surf's up. how some adrenaline junkies are taking advantage of the winter weather in minnesota. >>> much of the eastern half the united states is bracing for another dose of winter weather today. they are getting whacked again. snow is expected from minnesota and illinois all the way to d.c. and maryland and here's a look at the early impact on st. paul, minnesota where rough weather means big business for cab drivers. >> you need a cab to the airport you're less likely to ask a family member to drive you. maybe they missed their bus connection, car is stuck, can't get out of the driveway. maybe they hate drying in snow. for whatever reason, cabbies gets very, very busy when it snows. >> yesterday, the dakotas felt the brunt of the harsh weather. blowing snow made it impossible for drivers to see very far. it kept snowplows and tow truck drivers busy but no major problems to report. >>> this may seem crazy but people are suiting up and hang
a nuclear strike against the u.s. jo and mum's the word at the vatican. the cardinals have imposed a media blackout on its members as they proceed to choose a new pope. the reasons is some of the secrets were released. danielle nottingham is in vatican city. good morning, danielle. >> good morning, anne-marie. we begin another day in vatican city unsure when the conclave will start or when we'll hear from the american cardinals again. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. we begin here in the vatican city unsure when the conclave will start or when we'll hear from the american calendar gnats again. the cardinals arrive at the vat cab without a word to the press this morning. this is the fourth day of talks about what kind of man they're looking for to lead the catholic church. >> what's beginning to emerge is the profile of the next pope. >> reporter: there's still no date on when to begin the voting process known as the conclave and many cardinals say they're in no rush to end the discussions. >> when we do reach the point of selecting a pope, we will have
and survival as the couple heads to the hospital to have their first child. and cardinals from around the globe descend on rome. a look at the activity that will begin in just hours. and the hot new diet trend, but is it too good to be true? we'll show you how it works. >> grateful to go any place for people with a moderately high opinion. >> one on one with >>> new at 11:00, an expectant couple in new york died in a traffic accident, but doctors managed to save their baby boy. the couple was in a cab going to see a doctor because the wife could no longer feel the baby inside of her. she was 24 weeks pregnant. the cab was broadsided by a bmw. >> it is terrible. not even married a year. they are going into the happiest time to have a baby and that's what happens. >> the couple died on arrival to the hospital. *9 baby is in serious condition. the people in the bmw ran away and police are still searching for them. >>> crews in florida began taking down the home over a sinkhole that killed a man. on thursday the sinkhole opened up and swallowed the man's bedroom. he was never found. family members
is going to be talking with erin burnett "outfront." >>> now to the vatican. cardinals getting closer to setting a date to vote on a new pope. >> but really not in a huge hurry? cardinal mahoney of los angeles tweeted that it is soon and they are still waiting for one more cardinal however to arrive. >> this is jean baptiste. now, a date could be announced soon after he gets here. >> we'll have more on the papal election in a live report from rome straight ahead. >>> and silvio berlusconi has been sentenced to a year in prison. the former prime minister of italy who is running for the job again right now. >> he's got a lot of legal problems and this time, a court convicting him of an illegal wiretapping charge. >> burr lerlusconi is appeal iix conviction and is waiting for a decision on having sex with an underage prostitute. >> a long, long list of things to deal with. >>> let's go to a paris suburb where hundreds of workers and police have fought in the streets today. >> you can see some of it there. wo workers protesting the closure of a good year tire plant that employs 1200 peopl
high five. >>> welcome to "cbs this morning." gayle king is off. catholic cardinals are holding the first of their official meetings this morning since the retirement of the former pope benedict benedict. >> during the meetings, the cardinals will set a date for the conclave to choose a new pope. they're also taking on issues and controversies facing the church. mark phillips is in vatican & city. mark, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, norah and charlie. if the catholic church has been hit by the combined earthquakes of a retired pope and child abuse and other scandals its response has been deliberate and traditional. the cardinals have gunbegun to meet, but before they get down to the business of choosing a new pope they've got plenty of other business to discuss. at the appointed hour, the cardinals began to emerge from the nooks and crannies of the vatican. sometimes in groups like owe obedient students on a school bus. others, though are staying elsewhere. and if they thought they could take a leisurely stroll to work they soon learned that th
your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. w >> pelley: cardinals at the vatican will soon gather to elect a new pope for the world's 1.2 billion catholics including 75 million here in the united states. many of whom appear eager for change. in a cbs news/"new york times" poll out tonight, 71% of american catholics told us the next pope should favor artificial methods of birth control. 69% said he should favor letting priests get married. the same number said the new pope should favor letting women become priests. and more than half, 53%, told us that the church is out of touch with the needs of catholics. the cardinals have not set a date for the election, but today alan pizzey tells us the sistine chapel was closed to visitors to get it ready. >> reporter: it is the most beautiful polling station in the world, for the world's most secret vote. but before the sistine chapel is used to elect the next pope, it must undergo a transformation. tourists who pour in to gaze at michelangelo's famous ceiling are banned. chairs and long tables are added for
to do that any time soon. >>> on monday at the vatican roman catholic cardinals will take the first step toward electing a new pope. they will meet for three hours in the morning and again in the early evening. their main goal is to set a date for the conclave in which they'll vote for the man who will succeed pope benedict xvi. we'll go to the vatican tonight for more. good evening. >> reporter: good evening, lester. the cardinals gather at the vatican this weekend and they're taking every opportunity to meet and talk. much focus is on the news that three cardinals who wrote a secret report to the scandal dubbed vati-leaks are in rome. they are expected to answer questions about the scandal and the general feeling is their answers could influence the direction of the papal selection. today there are reports that the scandal involved wiretaps on senior vatican officials which is one of the many challenges facing the cardinals left by the former pope benedict. the u.n. secretary general came to benedict's defense praising him for his commitment to human rights. banki moon urged them to co
for discrimination the law itself is discriminatory. it should be overturned." >>> u.s. cardinal roger mahoney tweeted thursday when the vatican pope process begins. he said the discussions were reach i reaching a conclusion adding a mood of excitement prevails. as the 115 cardinals prepare the take on the tradition, another tradition dating back hundreds of years is also tabing shape. betting on the next pope. according to, two of the top tle are from italy, three from ghana. and cardinals sean o'malley and timothy dolan from the united states are long shots. >>> justin bieber says he's getting better after collapsing during a performance. he told a london audience he wasn't feeling well, then collapsed. he was given oxygen from emergency workers bounced back to perform the final four songs of his show. the biebs was given once over at a nearby hospital and took to instagram for a shirtless photo at the hospital. maybe he really wasn't that sick. >> just enough to keep his fans very excited. >> and the temperature was warm enough inside the room. >> oh, yeah. it's nasty in new
learned the cardinals will lock themselves in the sistine chapel to pick his replacement and when. nbc's anne thompson with us once again tonight from the vatican with that news and what happens next. anne, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. the race to 77 begins tuesday afternoon. 77, because that's the number of votes a candidate needs to become the next pope. that's a two-thirds plus one majority of all the cardinal electors. now, before the cardinals begin filling out their ballots, they will celebrate mass here at st. peter's basilica tuesday, and then they will process into the sistine chapel where they will sit in two rows on each side of the chapel and fill out their ballots. if no one gets to that 77 vote mark on the first ballot, then every day that follows, the cardinals will vote twice in the morning and twice in the afternoon. they will vote for three days, and then they will get a day off, a day of prayer, and then they will resume voting. all of this is going to happen as the cardinals are shut off from the rest of the world. no tv, no radio, no newspapers,
. he's in rome with the latest. the u.s. cardinals were talking. we had cardinal dolan on cnn. he gave an extended interview and sort of made the whole process more accessible and human, but this has changed, right? >> it has changed, indeed, erin. a lot of the cardinals it seems, particularly the cardinals who are based here at the vatican, they're concerned the americans were having an outsized influence in setting the narrative and painting the picture for the public of what the expect in the next pope. so that's part of the reason why there's been this media blackout. the new rule is, they won't do any interviews and those press briefings are finished. there were some leaks in the italian media about what was happening in their private meetings. if you're going to make anybody be quiet, you should quiet the italian cardinals who were the ones who leaked it. >> you've covered a transition before and you said this time in rome, tonight in rome is very different. >> it is. you didn't have a papal death this time. in 2005, this beloved pope, millions of people, including young people.
with murdering his girlfriend on valentine's day. >>> and at the vatican, cardinals are doubling their schedule. tomorrow, they'll hold two pre conclave meetings and all but two cardinals have arrived for the election. workers are preparing the sistine chapel, but so far, the cardinals haven't set a date for the vote. >>> back here in the u.s., there is a huge snowstorm bearing down on parts of the atlantic and northeast right now. hundreds of thousands of people are already without power. flights have been grounded. schools are closed. this storm hit the midwest. take a look here at this scene from minneapolis airport where storms rarely trigger flight cancellations. generally have a pretty good handle on things there, but this storm certainly did and in chicago, it just smashed records. the city got more than 9 inches of snow. actually the biggest one-day snowfall there in 14 years. that's nothing compared to what it's brainging to parts of the northeast. alexandria steel is tracking the storm from the cnn weather center. our joe johns is right in the thick of it in winchester, virginia, so l
increasing the tax revenue. >> cardinals are gathering in rome to begin a process to pick the next pope. coming up first, flames rip through a south bay high school over the weekend and firefighters say it is not the first time this has happened. here is a live look outside, the bay bridge toll plaza, slightly cloudy this morning, and we have traffic and weather next as >> 6:10 on this monday. we have 49 in alameda, and newark and cupertino, and 48 in san ramon and lafayette and redwood city and san mateo and richmond district is 47 right now. lafayette is at 48 degrees. we are going to hit the low-to-mid 60's inland. you will see sunshine first. we have mid-to-upper 50's around the bay and low 50's at the coast of the rain is likely tomorrow everywhere with scattered showers on wednesday and less of a chance on thursday but notice the temperatures in the 50's for highs wednesday and thursday and cooler than the average. we will have a timeline for the rain coming up. >> at bay bridge metering lights have been turned on and traffic is backing toward the first overcrossing. car pool in t
minutes from now. >>> it's the first sunday without a pope. now the cardinals are descending on the vatican to lec the next holy father. >>> accused murderer jodi arias expected on the stand last monday. last week's display of sobs and cries may have swayed the jury but our body language expert said it was all an act. >> good morning, everyone. i'm brianna keilar in for randi kaye. it's march 3rd. we're glad you're with us. happening outside, demolition crews about to tear down a house sitting on a killer sinkhole, it's about 50 feet deep and 30 feet wide. the ground is so unstable, wrecking crews will have to demolish from a distance. they won't take their equipment past the sidewalk. it has become so dangerous search crews have been forced to give up the search for jeff bush's body. he was in his bed when the hole opened up and collapsed beneath him. there's fears it could spread to neighboring houses. at least two families left. we'll take you to the ground outside the house in a few minutes. most of the people chased out by a brush fire in daytona beach are back home this
from being made at the vatican. they set a date, march 12th to open the conclave in which 115 cardinals will elect the next pope. they'll make history, especially so this time for the first time in 598 years, the previous pontiff will be alive to see it. there's another element, though, in the mix. controversy over the many sex abuse scandals rocking the church and some of the 115 cardinals. earlier tonight, i spoke with the national director of s.n.a.p., also john allen, our senior vatican analyst. walk us through the process. the sistine chapel has been transformed for this conclave. what has to happen before tuesday? >> two things, logistical things that have to be taken care of for example, the chimney atop the sistine chapel has to be fixed that gives us the black smoke that means no pope has been elected or the white smoke which means we have a pope. there's still a bank of tables that have to be arranged inside the sistine chapel where cardinals have carefully assigned seattling and so on. all of that has to be done. in the meantime, the more important thing is there's political
. cardinals are days away from electing a new pope. we have more from vatican city. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. in front of this terrific view of the vatican, you see the basilica to my right. to my left, the sistine chapel. on top of the sistine chapel this morning, they have been erecting a small chimney where -- ready for the start of the conclave on tuesday. that will be where the smoke appears as each set of ballots are burned. once in the morning, once in the afternoon. when there is white smoke, the bells of the basilica ring, and a pope has been selected. now 115 cardinals who will elect the next pope have been arriving this morning for more discussions ahead of tuesday's conclave. vatican-watchers say there's no clear favorite set to emerge as pope at the moment. no front-runner. at the same time, one italian newspaper this morning claims there are three strong candidates including boston's cardinal sean o'malley. being talked about from italy and from brazil. erica, joining the conclave, the cardinals will live in basic accommodations inside the vatican. in recent histo
the cardinals themselves have not set the date. we did speak with one of the cardinals today from the u.s., cardinal donald from washington, one of the possible new popes. he says him becoming a new pope is fantasy, but i asked if the college of cardinals could elect an american and he said that frankly goes against conventional wisdom. >> the pope is supposed to be, has to be today a voice for spiritual values, for moral values and has to challenge regularly leaders of governments and i think there may be a sense that it's better done by someone who would not be immediately perceived as part of a specific political approach. >> the congregation of cardinals doing some of the preliminary work, talking about broader church agendas, will start to meet on monday. at some point very soon they should be setting the date for the conclave, which would be more of a prayerful and reflective time for the cardinals who ultimately have to elect the new pope. in rome, amy kellogg, fox news. >>> the scottish cardinal who resigned last week in britain today admitted his sexual behavior, quote, fell be
. >>> there is word from the vatican that the cardinals will vote today, not on a pope, on a date, a date it for the secret election of the pope. they call it the conclave. that conclave involves 115 cardinals. it's not expected to begin before monday, but only those cardinals who are younger than 80 are eligible to vote. >>> coming up next, a pretty st change of position for one of our former presidents. why mr. clinton signed the defense of marriage act but now says that just never should have happened. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the next wave of italians has come to america, and the fiat 500 with beats audio is rockin' the block. the italian designed fiat 500. new griddle-melts to yourime usual breakfast sandwich.k. a lot more flavor. [ anouncer ] ihop's new griddle melts... made fresh and hot! hand crafted just for you. it's like a sexy sandwich. [ anouncer ] compare new griddle melts yourself. just $4.99. it's an epic breakfast sandwich. two. three. my credit card rewards are easy to remember with the bankamericard cash rewards credit card. earn 1% cash back everywhere, every
are just hours airplane -- away from cardinals gathering to pick a new pope. the crowds were absent today. u.s. cardinals, who have arrived to prepare for the conclave, held sunday mass in rome. ahead of the conclave to elect pope benedict xvi's successor as pope, it's been eight years since the pope's seat was vacant. >> i have been through another conclave, but the world one had died. this time the pope is still here, and so a strange feeling. >> ama: pope benedict xvi resigned last week for health reasons. >>> britain's queen elizabeth has been hospitalized for the first time in a decade. >>> a supply mission to the international space station has been salvaged, and the shipment includes something from a bay area. >> and nba bad boy dennis rotman says north korean ticket dayor, kim jong-un, is a nice gay. >> leigh: we had sprinkles around the bay area this morning. more rain to come, the >> ama: new details on the private supply mission to the international space station. this is the successful docking of the space x dragon, it's delivering more than a ton of cargo, including experimen
, including a trip to rome. -- cardinal keith o'brien resigned on monday as the archbishop of saint andrews and edinburgh in scotland. he had been accused of inappropriate behavior to priests. he said his sexual conduct fell short of the required standards. the catholic cardinals will meet at the vatican on monday to name a date for the start of the conclave. that is the process in which those entitled to vote will choose the next pope. >> it is no ordinary sunday at the vatican. usually in st. peter's square, you would see thousands of chairs laid out for people to attend a papal mass. at the moment, we are -- there is no bishop of rome. there is no pope. benedict xvi step down and left for a short stay at castel ganodolfo on thursday. plenty of people are still arriving in st. peter's square, both pilgrims and tourists. who will be the leader of the ?orld's 1.2 billion catholics for people like these worshipers, it is a time of transition and hope. the cardinals will be choosing a new pope. >> i wish for a more enlightened pope. perhaps a younger person would make sense. i'd like to see a
is the fourth highest ranking member of the communist party. >>> fake posters supporting cardinal peter turkson of ghana have been posted on the streets of roam. this comes as the vatican prepares to choose the next pope. following benedict xvi's resignation last week, a new pontiff will be chosen from the world's cardinals. the poster calls for cardinals to vote for him on the conclave. they were posted next to roam on the vatican. cardinals will soon meet behind closed doors in the chapel. the policy is strictly secret. some observers say the bogus posters are a message that urges them to choose their first african pope as a way to make change. >>> government officials and experts from around the world are attending the 12-day meeting of the convention on international trade in endangered species of wild fauna and flora. the meeting is held every two or three years. the thai prime minister spoke at the ceremony. >> i hope my life and cooperation for the species will become part of the strategy. >> the participants will become easing on tough measures. they will talk about catching three kinds
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